Having the right knowledge, and high confidence in that knowledge, is critical to making well educated decisions. Failure to do so can have drastic ramifications on your organization's reputation, finances, or in some cases even peoples' lives.

InfraShield can provide you the confidence you need by implementing a security framework catered to your organization's particular needs. We don't stop there, however. We independently test your organization's implementation in order to provide management with concrete evidence that a good security posture is in place.


Information is the backbone for your organization. It affects the decisions that your organization makes. Disclosure of your organization's information can cause the loss of a competitive advantage, or have others lose faith in your organization. If the integrity of your information is in question, how can you have confidence in the decision made using it?

InfraShield can help you organize your information so you know where it resides, who has access to it, and when and how it is modified.


Technology is everywhere. It's easy to see the convenience and benefits, but is it so easy to see the risks? Consider that every piece of technology around you is a potential threat to your organization. When viewed in such a way, the challenge is not only daunting, but seemingly impossible.

InfraShield can break this herculean task into a few simple processes. We can prevent the introduction of technology that can be harmful to your organization. We can allow you to detect and prevent the addition or removal of rogue devices. We can also make sure that new technology you purchase will not introduce new vulnerabilities to your security posture.


Don't hide from it. Insiders are one of your organization's greatest threats. Don't believe us?

Whether it is simply someone making a mistake that allows adversaries or malware onto your systems, or a disgruntled employee hell-bent on the total destruction of your organization, InfraShield has tools and procedures to detect, defend, and recover from insider threats.

Know thy enemy and Know thyself
Fear Not A Hundred Battles.

-- Sun Tzu


A security strategy that fails to properly align with your organization's goals will certainly not be effective and most likely will not even be implemented. By understanding your organization's mission and goals, we provide a security framework customized to your organization that explains to management, employees, and even vendors why security is important and what their responsibilities are.


The largest threat to your organization is underestimating the adversary. Making assumptions that no one is interested in exploiting weaknesses in your organization, or that generic solutions are sufficient. We understand the adversaries. We know how they think, the tools and methods they use, and how capable they are. We know what attracts them, and what dissuades them.

The threats are increasing. The adversaries are becoming more sophisticated. You must be prepared.


We aren't going to sugar coat it, there is a lot of bad security out there. Your organization isn't the same as every other organization. The threats against your organization are not the same as every other organization. So why should your defensive strategy match every other organization? Generic solutions will only defend against generic threats.

We determine which threats affect your organization's goals. We then create a specific defense strategy catered to meet and defend against those threats. We use defense-in-depth to ensure that failures in particular technologies or procedures do not cause a failure in your overall defensive posture.


Can you imagine if doctors, police officers, or firemen didn't test their skills and procedures? That would surely be crazy. Too often, organizations spend valuable resources creating a strategy but fail to adequately test it. It is imperative that this testing occur not just once, but on a periodic basis to ensure that the strategy is still effective.

We can play the part of the adversary. Testing your strategy in a controlled and methodical way, ensuring that you discover any weaknesses prior to your adversary.


Lack of knowledge and experience can add exceptional risk to your organization. Having state of the art technologies and plans in place are often defeated simply by human error. Training reduces this risk and minimizes attack vectors, such as social engineering, where humans are involved.

Our training is unique. We train specifically to your industry and even your organization. Many individuals leave the average security training confused as to how it pertains to their daily duties, responsibilities, or even their industry.

Management of many is the same as management of few. It is a matter of organization

-- Sun Tzu

How We Do It

InfraShield uses a unique process that ensures complete protection from supply chain to retirement.

The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.

-- George R.R. Martin

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If you are currently under attack, or have been compromised, please call our toll free number: 1.844.554.6372.

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