Physical Security

Organization Facilities must establish physical systems that protect against unauthorized access by detecting unauthorized access and invoke immediate responses. Currently physical system access is generally done by enabling visitors with temporary badges that only allow for certain assets or areas to be accessible. To truly protect against assets and physical access, systems need to be integrated with visual identification systems that also track physical asset access. ContractDesk works directly with your organization to integrate custom and third party systems that will track your physical security to match your security requirements.

Some Basic Questions

  • What are the types of access controls used?
  • How does the current access controls effect daily operations?
  • What is the current Perimeter and barrier protection?
  • What Identification Products & Process do you use?
  • What is your Procedural security and policy?
  • How do you secure Sensitive documents?

Physical Asset Tracking

With increasing assets and information flow are you reporting and tracking for asset ownership, leases, depreciation, and maintenance? ContractDesk uses several third party vendors to assist in mapping assets to floor plans and owners along with providing scanning and printing barcodes to associate to important assets. Are you able to track check-in and check-outs of shared assets?

Visual Identification

When a visitor enters your Organizations facility, how do you manage the visitors access and identification? ContractDesk integrate visual identification management solutions combined with custom solution that let your organization capture and record a visual identification record about each visitor. This information is used to automatically print a personalized visitor badge that clearly identifies visitors and their purpose at your facility. This information is then securely stored along with the visitors access to vital assets within the organization.

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