Secure and Confidential Document Disposal

We take your confidential information seriously. All of our employees have had background checks and security clearences. Our high-capacity shredders dispose of documents using multiple blades to ensure the complete destruction of documents. Optionally, a chemical ink remover can be applied to remove all ink from the paper after its destruction.

Audited Disposal

Our audited disposal process records the entire process of disposal for each document. When documents are delivered or retrieved the individual who provided the documents is logged. Next each document is tagged and logged. When the document has been disposed, the individual performing the destruction is recorded. All audited disposals are performed by an employee who is not involved in the delivery or disposal of the documents.


ContractDesk believes in minimizing mankinds impact on the environment. Unless otherwise requested, all shredded and disposed documents are taken to a recycle center. If not removed by ContractDesk previously, the recycling process removes any remaining ink from the documents. Items not eligible for recycling will be incenerated unless they pose an environmental risk.

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