Security Introduction

Targeting Threats From Every Angle

Your organization is constantly under Physical, Network, and System Level security threats from internal and external threats. These threats are becoming more sophisticated with the added complexity of systems increasing and growing pressures from customers and management to protect data. Your liability is increased from these security incidents and due care. With the added Compliancy and Policy pressures your organization needs to look for efficient, cost cutting approaches to information security management.

ContractDesk offers a unique approach to security by incorporating the three tiers of security into a unified manageable process by working from your organizations security budget, goals and policies and using system.s integration tools to provide you with visibility into the costs of your security incidents. We work directly with your organization through the planning, design and integration of custom and packaged solutions that achieve your business objectives.

Some Basic Questions

  • Federal & State Agencies
  • Commercial Organizations
  • Financial Organizations
  • HealthCare Organizations

Risk Assessment

Do you know what assets are at the greatest risks? Risk assessment involves recognizing the necessity for removing a threat or vulnerability from a critical asset. There are different stages involved when assessing what the risks are to assets ranging from beginning system development to on-going maintenance of critical systems. ContractDesk can assist your organization by creating a risk analysis plan that integrates systems that provide a risk analysis assessment specifically tied to your Organizations Policies and Security Goals.

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