Integration Services

ContractDesk can not only integrate existing software and hardware systems, but with our in-house staff we can build specialized software to create seamless integration.

Our Integration Approach

ContractDesk uses a multi-step well-defined process to meet your integration needs.

Goal Analysis

Here we analyze the goals your organization is trying to achieve. A checklist is formed listing all of the goals to make sure that the final integration will meet all of the required goals. In addition Actor Use Cases (AUCs) are produced for later verification of the integrated system.

Cost Benefit Charts

Next, we produce an easy to read charts that shows each available product that can meet your organizations requirements, their immediate and three year costs, and any special requirements.

Component List

Each of the products and solutions chosen from the Cost Benefit Charts are then combined into a Component List. This list maps the interactions between each of the components and any gaps that are not filled by the existing solutions can then be easily identified.

Integration Plan

ContractDesk creates a very specific Integration Plan that includes each component from the component list, any custom written software to fill gaps, and backup plans in case problems are encountered.


During the execution stage, each stage of the Integration Plan is separated and distributed to the participants of that stage. Everyone involved with each stage must sign-off on the plan before it is executed. As each stage is completed, it is compared against the Goal Analysis Checklist and the Component List to make sure no gaps or unforeseen problems were created.


Once all stages of the integration have been completed, the resulting system is once again compared to the Goal Analysis to make sure all goals were met. In addition all Actor Use Cases (AUCs) created in the first step are verified against the system to ensure the final system meets or exceeds the original requirements.

Benefit Analysis

Once an integration project has completed, ContractDesk updates the Cost Benefit Analysis to show a comparison of projected versus actual costs and savings. This helps to show upper-management the success of the project.

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