Enterprise Architecture (EA) simply makes sense. EA experts understand that many departments within an organzation perform the same function, and the tools used to accomplish certain should be a consolidated. EA experts strive to map out the business functions of each department and determine the tools they are using to accomplish each task that is performed by that department.

Reasons To Engage in EA

EA is mandated for Federal agencies by the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996. While most Federal agencies already have EA programs in place, some agencies are just beginning to create a EA program. Whatever stage of the process an agency is in, ContractDesk can help. ContractDesk can provide EA expertise to either start or maintain an existing EA program.

In addition to complying with Federal law, a good reason for an organization to engage in EA processes is to save money by eliminating redundancies. For example, if one department is using Product X to accomplish a task but most other departments are using Product Y to accomplish the same task, then it may be cost-effective to ask the one department to start using Product Y, which would allow the organization to buy one large site license for the product instead of many separate small licenses.

EA Phases

EA is accomplished by polling each department to understand their business functions. Information inputs and outputs, as well as technology, need to be known for each department. Once every departments' business function is understood, then the business functions of one department can be matched with those of another departments.

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