Document Scanning

Successful document scanning projects must start with the finished product in mind. Is the goal to have flawless reproduction, or easy and instant access to scanned images. Does everyone at your organization have access to all of the scanned images, or is restricting access of the utmost importance? These are just some of the questions ContractDesk asks to help determine the best solution to meeting your needs.

As a first step of any Doument Scanning Project, ContractDesk creates a Document Management Project Plan that identifies and answers many issues regarding your organization's specific needs. For example:

  • When does your organization wish to have your scanning completed?
  • Will your organization need to scan new (incoming) documents, while simultaneously scanning your archives?
  • Has your organization devoted a personnel, resources, and a budget for your scanning needs?
  • Does your organization have existing documented scanning proceedures in place?
  • Have you determined the size of your scanning project?
  • Has a Business Case been conducted for this project?

ContractDesk has a defined Document Scanning Methodology:
  1. Document Preparation - Document ID is recorded in our digital log and verified for completeness
  2. Image Capture
  3. Image to Text Coversion - Optical Character Recognition(OCR)
  4. Coding - Stardized Filenames, Embedded Descriptions, and Keyword Encoding
  5. Indexing - OCR Text, Description, and Keywords are Indexed and a record is added to our digital logging technology.
  6. Quality Review - Each scanned is compared to the original document. Random inspection by peers ensures quality results.

On-Site Scanning

Concerns about sensitive information or the security of your documents? While all of our employees have background checks performed and have security clearences, some customers prefer on-site scanning. ContractDesk can provide its document services in two ways:

On-Site Personnel

ContractDesk can provide full or part-time personnel to perform scanning at your office. ContractDesk can provide scanning workstations, furniture, and neccessary scanning equipment to allow for quick production. All ContractDesk needs is electricity, a small amount of space, and possibly network access.

Mobile Scanning Unit

For customers with space constraints, ContractDesk can provide a mobile scanning station that allows up to three people to scan and dispose of documents on-site in your parking lot.

Remote Scanning

Scanning documents in-house could take months or even years. Often times it is hard to keep staff dedicated to scanning documents as other emergencies will often take them away. ContractDesk can help by scanning documents at our facility.

ContractDesk can arrange for pickup and dropoff of the original documents. ContractDesk can provide scanned documents in nearly any format, on most types of media, or even across an encrypted Internet connection.

Redundant Scanning

While ContractDesk takes every precaution to ensure the highest quality scans and captures, for only a few additional cents, redundant can help ensure that all documents are scanned accurately.

Each document is scanned twice, using two different scanners, and two different personnel. The resulting scan is then compared using our proprietary software to determine if both are equivalent. If our software detects a problem, say inconsistant number of pages, the scanners and management is instantly notified. This can cause a great reduction in problems caused by misfeeds or documents in unusual condition.

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