Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) is the natural way ContractDesk works. CPIC dictates that expenditures of capital must be made in alignment with an agency's Mission, and ContractDesk strives to do just that. Before an investment is made, an analysis is conducted to ensure that the proposed investment not only serves the organization's Mission, but also that it is cost-effective.

Reasons To Engage in CPIC

CPIC is mandated for Federal agencies by the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996. While most Federal agencies already have CPIC programs in place, some agencies are just beginning to create a CPIC program. Whatever stage of the process an agency is in, ContractDesk can help. ContractDesk can provide CPIC expertise to either start or maintain an existing CPIC program.

In addition to complying with Federal law, a good reason for an organization to engage in CPIC processes is that it aids the budget process. A good CPIC program will provide input to the budget department, so that they know and understand upcoming expenditures.

CPIC Phases

CPIC is accomplished by following every requirement through three phases: the Select Phase, the Control Phase, and the Evaluate Phase. Completion of each of the CPIC phases ensures that an investment is being made with both cost and usefulless in mind.

Exhibit 300

The annual result of a CPIC program is the production of an "Exhibit 300". The Exhibit 300 will provide a listing of all major IT investments, along with a great deal of information about those investments, including a Point of Contact and Justification for the investment. Exhibit 300's are proof of the quality of a CPIC program.

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